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If I were to define myself with two words, they would be: “adventurous dreamer.”I have lived life pursuing my dreams, sometimes in the face of great adversity, and continue to do so while I assist others who wish to overcome the challenges and obstacles life places in their path.

My girl…

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Throughout the last 10 and a half years of practice, Reece has been a hard working girl, by my side constantly, greeting clients with her happy wagging tail, soothing them in moments of distress, sometimes distracting them when needed, occasionally acting like a complete jerk. Covid disrupted things for her, she’s missed in-person sessions, and had to adapt to less socialization and her mom interacting with a computer for longer periods of time. She’s risen to whatever challenges she’s had to face.

This last year, Reece has faced her own obstacles and health issues. She’s prone to occasional seizures, now has a heart murmur and a growth on her nose that’s being investigated. Primary tests on the growth have given us little information to go on. Because of the location of her bump, mixed with unanswered questions as to what it is, her Veterinarian and I had a long and difficult conversation today. As a result of that conversation, Reece will be undergoing surgery on December 20. Best case scenario is that the growth is benign and the veterinarian is able to remove all of it so it doesn’t interfere with her sinus functioning in the future. There will not be a second operation due to the location, and lack of skin to compensate for a second operation.

Trigger warning *

Because of the nature of the operation, her veterinarian warned me that Reece’s face will look like look like a horrible hamburger for 3 to 4 weeks. He will have to scalpel and leave open wounds on her face which will take time to heal. I will be working throughout the holiday season as per usual -mainly remote, but if you come for an in person session, Reece won’t be at her peak of helpfulness or cuteness. Thanks for your understanding. Wish us the best outcome if you have a moment. My girl has been the best working and fun companion ever, and I’m hoping for another 10 years with her by my side.

UPDATE!!! Reece has successfully recovered from her surgery!! No cancer or tumor detected. 🙂 The mass on her nose was an inflammatory response, cause not definitely known, but most likely due to her putting her nose under our pressure treated cedar fence. She’s all healed and feeling perky once again. Yay!

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