One Little Thing

Changing one little thing in our lives can have an enormous impact.

Changing one little thing isn’t so hard is it?

Here is a challenge. Incorporate the exercise below into your life and watch how things begin to change for the better.

The next time a worry enters your mind and you begin to fret and think of all the bad things that might happen, choose to take your mind to a different place. Stop thinking about negatives and instead focus on the best possible outcome that could occur. For example, if you’ve just lost your job, everytime your mind tries to focus on fears, such as not having enough money, losing your home, or not being able to feed your family-stop those thoughts-refocus, and start concentrating on what the best possible outcome of this could be for you. A new job with better pay? A transition to self employment? An opportunity to slow down for a bit and work on getting your health back?

Our mind’s natural course of action is to look for danger, and to put us on alert.  We enter the fear zone and act from fear. If we leave this zone and instead place our focus on postive outcomes or opportunities, our  thoughts and actions align with solutions. We move toward a positive outcome rather than becoming paralyzed, overwhelmed, or depressed. Our decisions are based on what we really want in life, not catastrophe avoidance.

This takes practice, so just think of it as a mental game you are playing with yourself. It’s only one little thing, but it’s one little thing that can change your life for the better. It changed mine, even when I didn’t know I was doing it.

Perhaps I’ll tell you more in a later post. In the meantime…think of the best possible outcome for yourself, and, if you have the energy, take one small step in that direction. 🙂

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