March Marathon of Giving-all wrapped up in one observation.

Wow!! March flew by…mostly in a storm of happiness. My levels of cheer have improved from this experiment – I think I’ve had more laughs this month than I did all last year. All I can say is that this is a very personal and very interesting experiment to undertake. It changes your life and your perspective. So, that said, I will continue with it into April.

My time to write is minimal at this point. because free time was take up meeting new friends, participating in events like the walk/run for PTSD, and just going with the flow, in between work and life maintenance and this experiment. Time for writing this month wasn’t in the flow.

This is the biggie I took away from this month:

If you are engaged with another person in relationship – whether that be with the Barista at Starbucks waiting for your coffee, walking with a friend, talking to your accountant, meeting a new person, old friend, talking to a parent…whatever it is… ask yourself these questions after the conversation: Which one of us knows more about each other after that conversation? Who put the most effort into the interaction to make it pleasant for the other? Asking these two questions will let you know whether you were a giver or a taker in your relationship with that person. Be prepared to find out that you’re a little more self-centered than you thought you might be.

Looking forward to an April full of showers of people wanting to really get to know others vs. being stuck in the March flood of selfie-dom.

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