March Marathon of Giving

I don’t have time to blog everyday. Once I start writing thoughts and words spill forth unrelentingly. The mental dam in my brain is released with a woohoo!! I get all caught up in it and I’m stuck in front of my computer for hours. This would be fine if I was writing for a living and didn’t have a gazillion other things I needed to do. The life of a business owner, sole provider, homeowner, dog owner  who strives to maintain some sort of balance is a little crazy to say the least. If you don’t work for yourself imagine walking into work one day to find that all the other employees have quit. You have to fulfill all their positions for the day…receptionist, IT person, accountant, building maintenance, cleaning staff, purchasing, contract negotiator, social media person, marketing, health and wellness coordinator, landscaper, personal coach to keep all those peeps motivated to do their jobs… Oh, and by the way…you are doing a 30 day marathon of giving, and writing about it…

So here is day 4, 5 and 6. Condensed. Into random sporadic thoughts based on my experiences  over the last 3 days.

*It seems as if I’m getting back more than I’m giving out. My focus has been on giving but I can’t help but notice what I’m getting.  I’ve met some really cool new women friends who are into kindness and giving as well. My interactions with people over the last 3 days are filled with more smiles and more of a sense of deep connection.

*I’ve always wanted to change the world in a big impactful (there’s that word that isn’t a word again) way. That’s probably an ego thing. And a need to be significant. The reality is that I may never know the impact of what I’ve done. I can only hope it will ripple out into the world in positive waves.

*Every little act of giving is meaningful and creates a different energy.

*Giving to self is important. Make yourself feel good! Because when you feel good you’ll have more to give to others. Giving to self is the foundation that allows sustained giving to others.  Just don’t be narcissistic about it. Or act entitled. That’s annoying.

*Giving in a loving way can be complicated. You’ll have to do your own personal experiment to figure that one out.

I’m tired so I’m cutting off this post right now. 🙂 Onwards.

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