March Marathon of Conscious Giving

I’m not sure about you, but recent world news and events (as well as as some personal)  have been chipping away at my normal attitude of calm optimism to the point where I’ve been getting very grouchy and agitated no matter how much walking, yoga, or paddling I do. I’ve always believed that us humans would evolve to make the world a better place, but lately, the reverse seems to be happening. And that’s not okay with me. Nope. Not at all.


I want my existence on this planet to have made a positive, impactful (is that a word?) difference. Which is why I do the work I do, but right now, that doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

Last weekend I was involved with CNOY 2018 and it felt really great to doing something else to assist with positive change. Additionally, I ran into information online about 29 Days of Giving. Cami Walker has written a book and has a website about how 29 days of giving changed her life. I haven’t read the book and haven’t joined her online community, but I am doing my own personal experiment about conscious giving, because I believe that’s what I’m supposed to do right now. Maybe all that world negativity had to push me to a place to do this, I don’t know. But here I am. So follow along with me on this 30 day March Marathon of Conscious Giving. And if you are so inspired, begin your own marathon 🙂

March 1, 2018 – Day 1

On my morning walk with Reece I decided I would give away 2 things today. An unexpectedly free session to a client, and some of my time to visit a lovely elderly couple in my neighborhood, who I should really pop in to see more frequently.

The free session: This was  one of those ‘whoa’ moments in life. One of my very cool younger male clients whom I am certain will one day rock the world in a great way arrived. I’d decided he would be the recipient of the free session as he was the only private client I’d had scheduled in for the day. He’d been steadily improving and it was looking like today would be our last session. I asked if he would like a going away homework present. Looking dubious, he replied “maybe?” I talked to him about doing a 21 day giving challenge. He was completely receptive and immediately agreed. The conversation then ended up turning to him speaking about his gratitude toward his father. His dad had been helping him pay for his sessions, and today, before the session and our conversation, he had decided that he was going to pay for the session himself. When I then informed him that I had decided before the session that it was going to be a freebie, we were both caught up in that strange and wonderful feeling of ‘flow,’ which was communicated with words, like crazy and cool. 🙂

So now he’s off on his own journey, which I am positive will be an amazing one. There are some truly wonderful inspiring young people out there. He’s one of them.

Visiting the Neighbors: They weren’t home. Couple of 80 year olds out carousing and causing trouble in the community. So I’m here in front of the computer finishing this blog post, then on to do a report, and some other work stuff. That will allow me to give myself some time to enjoy my weekend in between doing taxes. 😮

One  bonus I’m already receiving from committing to this Marathon, which entails writing about it, is that I have way less time to spend on social media which was bringing me down. I get to imagine instead that good is rippling out into the world creating positive change I may never know about. That’s pretty ‘bleeping’ cool! 🙂

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