Ready to Hit the Road


I’m packed and ready to hit the road!

Did you know that 7 ft, 3 person  dome tents are available at Walmart for $40.00!!! That’s a steal!! So I bought one and it’s packed. Cause if I want to spend whole days on the beach with my surf board, why not have a tent to chill out in, change in, sit in, block the wind or rain, and have lunch in…all between catching waves…right?

Yes, I am an overpacker. I am choosing to embrace that trait in myself and be able to laugh at it. No amount of teasing over the years has ever changed that behavior so I think it’s somewhat permanent.

With the sad and overwhelming daily headlines it feels strange to be blogging about a road trip and laughing at inane things-I keep asking myself about the point of doing this-but…it’s in keeping with my ongoing experiment to reach out of my comfort zone and live life fully so here I am writing away.

I’m excited to be heading out on this adventure, hopeful for some magic. A part of me wishes I weren’t travelling alone again, but over the last 5 years I have had so many incredible, magical, wonderful experiences that I would have never had otherwise if I’d have chosen to wait and find someone to go with. I want to live my life. I don’t want to spend it waiting.

And I want to cherish the gifts that it offers, even amongst the daily sadness because I still believe that finding and creating joy is what the universe wants of us. That’s the magic 🙂

See you on the road!


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