Coldest Night of The Year 2018

Hello everyone!

I’l be walking tonight in the Coldest Night of the Year 2018, Canada’s national walk for homelessness. It’s been a busy week fundraising and I’m happy to say that I hit my goal of raising $1000.00!!  Donations can be made until March 31st though so if you feel inclined, donate away!  Thank you to all those who have helped me raise funds for this.

Those people  (and dog) are, in no particular order:

Greg, Cory, Lucky, Peter, Ross, Luke, Richard, Gary, Doug, Brett, Dean, Dianne, Don, Margaret, a second Greg, Jeremy from Chewie Media, Lynne, Perry, Robert, Stacie, Wes, and Reece the Wonder Dog (yes, she has agreed to give up some treats to help out!)

Thank you all so much!

If you wish to donate, follow the link below:



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