At the End of the Day

What happened to the day by day blogging of my road trip you might ask? Technical issues and tiredness…realizing that I’d once again set the bar for myself a bit higher than was healthy to pursue. My get away time needs to be just that – a time to get away, unwind and relax. What it doesn’t need to be is a time filled with deadlines, have-to-do things and ‘want to bash your head into a wall techno-glitches.’ So I purposefully halted trying to write and post daily. I said ‘[email protected]#& it’ and took a fail. Purposefully. It was a conscious decision.  And it was a really smart decision, because it allowed me to sink into my short time off and really focus on my primary goals: having fun, relaxing, soaking in the beauty of the west coast, engaging with other travelers, and growing my SUP skills.

I purposefully failed a couple of  times when SUP surfing as well, and maybe it’s been my newfound experience with this sport that is helping me to learn when to bail out. There are times when you are on a wave and you know things are going wrong. The tip of your board is diving and you’re heading into a potential crush zone with the wave threatening to splat you or throw you over the front of your board. You can feel it. It’s a spit second decision you have to make… re position your feet and keep trying to ride it through, maybe succeeding, or take a fail and bail off your board into the top of the wave, your brain matter still nicely contained.

I quite like my brain matter. It serves me well in my work and in my life in general. So even though my heart would push me like crazy to go further with my new found love, I had to decide, in an instant, as each wave captured me, whether to go with it and let it take me, let it pass by, bail from it if it things were turning badly…there were so many decisions…in seconds…where and when to place my feet, timing to catch the wave, reading the sets. Surfing is a totally integrated heart/mind/body experience. It’s humbling. Exhilarating. Frustrating. Mindblowing. It scares you and pushes you. It sinks in your soul and takes hold of you and you’d better be willing to fail, over and over and over again. Because if you aren’t willing to do that, you’ll never reap it’s rewards. You’ll never have the feeling of riding a wave all the way into shore. Or maybe you will. What do I know? I’m just learning 🙂

So…to wrap up my time off and this blog post, what did I learn while away?

  1. My wild heart needs containment from my brain and body at times
  2. Failing and bailing on purpose is something we all need to practice more
  3. I can fall asleep splayed out on a log
  4. Timing is everything
  5. Staying in a hostel in Canada as a Canadian will make you that much more grateful to be living in our country
  6. Nothing ever really dries in Tofino
  7. I want our beautiful planet to be saved and am scared that it might not be
  8. My writing is rusty but I’m willing to fail at that too
  9. I want to travel and surf and SUP more
  10. Love requires timing, commitment, and a mind/heart/body involvement.
  11. I know nothing
  12. There are a lot of amazing people in this world

In gratitude to the two women I spent two days paddling with, the wild wise women I met at the hostel in Tofino, the Hostel in Tofino (it rocks! super clean, beautiful view and totally eco friendly) and to Emre from T’ashii Paddling School who is a teacher with amazing heart and immense amounts of knowledge. If you want to learn to SUP or take a tour or are into surfing, Emre is kind, funny, patient, encouraging and totally skilled at what he does.


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